How many of you heard and used “Media Queries”? Of course dude !! These are basics for Responsive Web Development. Ok cool, now tell me this, how many of you heard about “Container Media Query”? Not with respect to device or print but wrt width, ability to control styles according to an element’s container width. Is your answer, Yes…No…or May be…. What about, The Fab 4 technique? How would an element behave if you give width, min-width, max-width? To know the answers for all these questions, please read further.

Challenge: Recently as part of implementing a horizontal timeline component in…

I am sure none of us need an introduction to Covid-19 or Corona virus pandemic. It is as famous as Chinese noodles, interestingly, every country has its own taste or flavour. This post is my journey of thoughts in these challenging (or introspective) days.


It was early days (at least for India) of Covid — 19 and only a privileged few who glued themselves to news are aware of this virus and the news was slowly catching up through news listening/reading freaks to other folks like me. …

Verse 8

Meaning: I do not see that it would remove this sorrow that burns up my senses, even if i should attain prosperous and unrivaled dominion on earth or even lordship over the gods

This verse indicates the extreme confusion and unknown suffering of Arjuna. His problem is not money or power or for some material object possession(from the verse he says he says “even if i attain prosperous & unrivaled dominion on earth or even lordship over Gods”) but at the moment even the cause of his suffering is not clear to himself. …

Raghavan SK

Frontend developer

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